Petrocontracts International Limited

Petrocontracts offers following professional services in oil & gas domain; power plants & infrastructure projects.

  • Project Management Services

  • Commercial / Contracts / Claim Management Services

Petrocontracts - about us

Petrocontracts is a registered company in London, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Petrocontracts also have a representative office in Gurugram, India.  

Petrocontracts is designed to take care of our customers’ needs and offers quality & professional services up to their entire satisfaction based on its combined experience of over 30 years. 

Petrocontracts has in depth experience in Project Management, Business Management, and Commercial / Contracts & Claims Management of mega projects in oil & gas sector (Midstream & Downstream), power plants and infrastructure projects. 

Through our experience and expertise, Petrocontracts offers various advantages to our clients through in-depth view of the risks projects may encounter. We quickly identify these risks and provide recommendations on how to protect your project. Petrocontracts brings a regional focus, with a detailed understanding of the conditions, risks and opportunities which likely to influence your project. 

Petrocontracts provides project management, commercial & contracts management, and claims management services within the frame work of best international practices to clients involved in major construction projects globally. Petrocontracts also undertake forensic delay analysis. 

Petrocontracts business operations widely cover following areas: 

  • Business Management Consultancy
  • Business Support Services
  • Technical Trading

industrial/ technical trading

business support services



Petrocontracts trades in industrial products by offering products from India, China, Korea and Europe suitable for petroleum construction industry.

Petrocontracts International Ltd.

Who we are:

Petrocontracts offers Business Management Consultancy for projects in oil & gas, power plants, Infrastructure projects. Petrocontracts also provide Business Support Services to various clients on global basis, especially in the UK, Europe and MENA region. Petrocontracts Trading Business Unit also undertake technical trading of specialized equipment, commodity items, piping & structural steel fabrication services involved in the construction of major projects.

Business management consultancy

Petrocontracts supports our clients in following areas:

  • Serve as a Local Representative
  • HR Services (Industrial & Technical Manpower Supply)