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​project management services

Execution of Projects is always a challenge since the associated risks & associated financial stakes with project delivery are big. Considering mega projects (circa multi-million / billion $), management of each project activity has to be with great deal of care.

Petrocontracts assists in evaluating the;

  -  Efficiency of organization's management process and procedures,
  -  Identifies risk factors & its recommends mitigating measures.

Petrocontracts offer its project management services professionally and in line with international practices and guidelines. We also follow industry advises received from professionals via Project Management Institute and various technical forums.

Through review of clients processes , procedures, practices & personal interviews with focus groups, Petrocontracts develops a report of findings & recommendations to optimize resources, reduce process bottlenecks / risks so as to improve productivity, transparency and governance in such manner that project delivery is achieved without overrun & within budget. 

Offered Services:

  -  Defining & developing / amending Process 
  -  Prepare effective Procedures / Manual 
  -  Pre-qualification of Contractors / Vendors,
  -  Develop Procurement & Contracting Strategies & Plan in line with Construction   execution plan
  -  Propose Procurement & Contracts General Terms & Conditions (we are not a   Legal firm)
  -  Develop model contracts / templates 
  -  Cold Eye Reviews
  -  Any other tailor made services 

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